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Return to Love

Tantra Touch is a modality of healing that takes you within. It is the practice of internal joy and patience transmitted by a beautiful, gentle, soothing massage which transports you to the corners of your mind and heart. For poetry, best relax and enjoy the journey.

You can reach heights of ecstasy where you are. You just have to believe in yourself and in this modality of healing. Release, relax, let go and connect to God.

The therapist will allow you to connect with your inner essence by acting as a channel for you to look within and face those aspects of yourself that you did not want to associate with.

For best results, allow the channeler to become your source and let them guide you in this journey within. Like I say, sometimes you just have to believe.

Faith is tasted with the heart not with the mind and this is what this modality of healing requires for.

So, if you are ready for this challenge, ready to go within and find the deeper aspects of your essence that you had been hiding or denying. The ones that were too hurtful or simply unbearably shameful, we permit you to connect with this. We can also help you connect with the spiritual world of beauty, peace and harmony that resides within you.

Lay on the massage table and let this treatment transport you to another era, another time in which you were free. Full of patience, understanding and love. Hurt was not a word in your dictionary, for you just lived every moment as it came.

This is pure Consciousness, my loves. This is true Love.

If you are ready to have a session and experience the energy within, get in touch through Facebook Aligning Therapies.

I’ll be more than happy to assist.

With light,



The Art Of Love

Tantra Touch is the art of love. It is the art of connecting to one another by connecting first to ourselves. When you know you have the gift of the Universe inside of you, when you are connected to Source, everything flows automatically- almost without having to think. At least not thinking with the practical side of the brain that normally leads us to worry and strain.

So, let go of the thoughts and just start to Be. Start to Be One with the flow and allow yourself the power of love.

It is when we connect with one another in peace and harmony and love that we can access this source of pure Love, almost pure innocence and lust. Lust for living, lust for life and for the incredible miracle that this experience is.

Tune into yourself with our meditations and Tantra Touch massages. You will feel better and may get to know your real Self. Enjoy, let go and release negative blockages or patterns of attachment that had you on a hold. It is time now.

Until then, you can find us on Facebook Aligning Therapies or Facebook Tantra Touch. More detailed info on our website Tantra Touch Australia. Be sure to read our blog posts for more info on what Tantra Touch is and how we work.

Tantra Part of Tantra Touch

I get asked a lot what the Tantra part of the Tantra Touch Massage sessions is. Tantra is love. Wrongly warped throughout history and because of differences between the Eastern and Western cultures and life philosophies, Tantra has been in the recent years associated with sex.

Life is so much more than sex and Tantra is so much more than sex too. Tantra is a way of living, a philosophy based on love- on creating a unified sphere between the you and me that exists. 

Tantra is the weaving system of love that allows for people to connect within with their Inner God. It is the allowance of mind over matter and spiritual connection over mind. The use of texts, theories, mantras, visualizations, music and dancing amongst other techniques help us to regain that connection.

In our sessions of Tantra Touch we focus on gentle touch to transmit to clients that love and inner sense of peace and contentment with oneself and one’s circumstances. It is with the acceptance of what is that we can allow what is not to be released. The art of non-attachment, the art of letting go.

Using energy to balance our chakras also helps to bring us into a state of RELAXATION and inner healing. Homeostasis occurs and the releasing of old negative patterns of behaviours and beliefs can then take place.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions.

If you wish to experience a session with us, contact us on Facebook Tantra Touch or on 0422168505.

Sessions are based in Queensland, Australia.

Tantra Is Love

Tantra Touch is a non-sexual modality of relaxation massage that allows you to go within and connect with that inner power that we are all so much yearning for. The power resides in you, but only when you allow yourself to release and let go of blockages and projections of unworthiness and self-hatred. Everyone deserves to feel love, peace and joy.

Tantra is the altar of love, the bridge to unconditional acceptance of oneself and another. It is in the power of manifestation in God that we reach levels of heightened Enlightenment that can be used to raise the vibration of our three-dimensional realities. There is a moment in time where you reach out for others and you reach out for yourself in a unison of love and compassion for what is and what will be, for Humanity and for the Love of God that is our true Source.

With our massages we are aiming at bringing back Tantra to its real essence by helping you connect with your inner Self. It is with this understanding and experience of the physical three-dimensional reality that we can access higher spiritual realms to connect with the real power that resides within us.

When we reach this power we manifest from God, in love, for love and with love. This is what we try to convey in our sessions. Energy work and physical touch are part of the treatments.

Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentines Day!


What is more important than love? Self-worth. And what is more important than self-worth? Self-Love. From Self-Love stems self-worth and from that worth stems the ability to love another and accept their beauty and their flaws. Beautify your flaws and become accustomed to your errors, only so that you can learn from them and unleash your power within to love yourself and love others unconditionally. Not just today, but also the rest of the 364 days of the year!

Be My Valentine!

With love and light,



According to Padoux, Tantra is any “system of observances” about the vision of man and the cosmos.

According to David N. Lorenzen, the narrow definition (Tantrism, or “Tantric religion”), refers only to the elite traditions directly based on the Sanskrit texts called the Tantras, Samhitas, and Agamas.

Lorenzen’s “broad definition” includes a broad range of “magical beliefs and practices”.

To its practitioners, Tantra is defined as a combination of esoteric texts, techniques, rituals, monastic practices, meditation, yoga, and philosophy of life.

At Aligning Therapies we focus on the sacredness of the human body as a temple and the purification of the mind through the releasing of old patterns of negative conditioned behaviours that burden us and keep us in a small ego-space reality. This is what we aim at transmitting with our Tantra Touch Massage Sessions.

The massages are aimed at transporting you to a chilled-out zone that allows you to relax and enjoy the experience, forget about your current situation and focus on your inner blocks and emotions, but mainly on feeling peace and love.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us on Facebook Tantra Touch or Aligning Therapies or on 0422168505.

In service of Your Personal Healing.

With Love and Light,



Sensuality is a perceptual state of the mind related to the focus on the pleasure of the senses through an external stimulus that creates desire in the body. The mind transmits this as a sign of inner joy and wants more of it. It is when we don’t attach to it but instead live totally immersed in the present moment that we can make the most out of any experience, including a massage. It is then that we become One with God, one with Oneness.

The experience can be simulated again by just being fully prsent in the moment.

This is what we aim at transmitting with our Tantra Touch massage.

Our intent is to provoke pleasure in you in a non-sexual way. Sensuality is up to you!

We hope to be of service.

With love and light


Tantra Touch Massage

Thank you for checking us out.

Tantra Touch Massages offer you the opportunity to heal and let go of internal emotional and mental blockages you might have carried over the years. It is time to let go!

If you would like to experience a Tantra Touch massage session get in touch with us through the Contact Page on this site or reach us on Facebook Tantra Touch.


We are happy to be at your service.