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Return to Love

Tantra Touch is a modality of healing that takes you within. It is the practice of internal joy and patience transmitted by a beautiful, gentle, soothing massage which transports you to the corners of your mind and heart. For poetry, best relax and enjoy the journey.

You can reach heights of ecstasy where you are. You just have to believe in yourself and in this modality of healing. Release, relax, let go and connect to God.

The therapist will allow you to connect with your inner essence by acting as a channel for you to look within and face those aspects of yourself that you did not want to associate with.

For best results, allow the channeler to become your source and let them guide you in this journey within. Like I say, sometimes you just have to believe.

Faith is tasted with the heart not with the mind and this is what this modality of healing requires for.

So, if you are ready for this challenge, ready to go within and find the deeper aspects of your essence that you had been hiding or denying. The ones that were too hurtful or simply unbearably shameful, we permit you to connect with this. We can also help you connect with the spiritual world of beauty, peace and harmony that resides within you.

Lay on the massage table and let this treatment transport you to another era, another time in which you were free. Full of patience, understanding and love. Hurt was not a word in your dictionary, for you just lived every moment as it came.

This is pure Consciousness, my loves. This is true Love.

If you are ready to have a session and experience the energy within, get in touch through Facebook Aligning Therapies.

I’ll be more than happy to assist.

With light,


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