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The Art Of Love

Tantra Touch is the art of love. It is the art of connecting to one another by connecting first to ourselves. When you know you have the gift of the Universe inside of you, when you are connected to Source, everything flows automatically- almost without having to think. At least not thinking with the practical side of the brain that normally leads us to worry and strain.

So, let go of the thoughts and just start to Be. Start to Be One with the flow and allow yourself the power of love.

It is when we connect with one another in peace and harmony and love that we can access this source of pure Love, almost pure innocence and lust. Lust for living, lust for life and for the incredible miracle that this experience is.

Tune into yourself with our meditations and Tantra Touch massages. You will feel better and may get to know your real Self. Enjoy, let go and release negative blockages or patterns of attachment that had you on a hold. It is time now.

Until then, you can find us on Facebook Aligning Therapies or Facebook Tantra Touch. More detailed info on our website Tantra Touch Australia. Be sure to read our blog posts for more info on what Tantra Touch is and how we work.

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