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Tantra Part of Tantra Touch

I get asked a lot what the Tantra part of the Tantra Touch Massage sessions is. Tantra is love. Wrongly warped throughout history and because of differences between the Eastern and Western cultures and life philosophies, Tantra has been in the recent years associated with sex.

Life is so much more than sex and Tantra is so much more than sex too. Tantra is a way of living, a philosophy based on love- on creating a unified sphere between the you and me that exists. 

Tantra is the weaving system of love that allows for people to connect within with their Inner God. It is the allowance of mind over matter and spiritual connection over mind. The use of texts, theories, mantras, visualizations, music and dancing amongst other techniques help us to regain that connection.

In our sessions of Tantra Touch we focus on gentle touch to transmit to clients that love and inner sense of peace and contentment with oneself and one’s circumstances. It is with the acceptance of what is that we can allow what is not to be released. The art of non-attachment, the art of letting go.

Using energy to balance our chakras also helps to bring us into a state of RELAXATION and inner healing. Homeostasis occurs and the releasing of old negative patterns of behaviours and beliefs can then take place.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions.

If you wish to experience a session with us, contact us on Facebook Tantra Touch or on 0422168505.

Sessions are based in Queensland, Australia.

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