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Tantra Is Love

Tantra Touch is a non-sexual modality of relaxation massage that allows you to go within and connect with that inner power that we are all so much yearning for. The power resides in you, but only when you allow yourself to release and let go of blockages and projections of unworthiness and self-hatred. Everyone deserves to feel love, peace and joy.

Tantra is the altar of love, the bridge to unconditional acceptance of oneself and another. It is in the power of manifestation in God that we reach levels of heightened Enlightenment that can be used to raise the vibration of our three-dimensional realities. There is a moment in time where you reach out for others and you reach out for yourself in a unison of love and compassion for what is and what will be, for Humanity and for the Love of God that is our true Source.

With our massages we are aiming at bringing back Tantra to its real essence by helping you connect with your inner Self. It is with this understanding and experience of the physical three-dimensional reality that we can access higher spiritual realms to connect with the real power that resides within us.

When we reach this power we manifest from God, in love, for love and with love. This is what we try to convey in our sessions. Energy work and physical touch are part of the treatments.

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